Homework Expectations

  • Students will have nightly fluencies indicated with an FA on their planners.
  • Please have a designated time and place for your child to complete their homework.
  • As teachers, we are working HARD to create independent thinkers in 4th Grade.
  • Fourth graders are expected to receive 60-90 min. of homework nightly.
  • If you notice your child is taking more than 2 hrs. daily please contact me.

Time Owed

If students are required to owe time, they will do so on the playground during morning or lunch recess.

Students may be sent to problem solving for any of the following:

  • Missed homework assignments
  • Incomplete class work
  • Inappropriate classroom behavior

If your child has time owed a letter or think sheet will be sent home to let you know they attended and for what purpose.