Welcome to Pre-Algebra!

I am so excited to get back to the Specialization of my credential and teach you the subject that made me LOVE SCHOOL!!!

Missing your point sheet? Forgot to write down an assignment? Find your homework assignments here.

Have no fear, if you left your book at home, Math homework can still be completed! Click on the links below based on the lesson of your homework to access each lesson.

Ch 1 Assignment List: Ch.1 Chapter 2 test review answers: Page 1 and Page 2
Ch 2 Assignment List: Ch. 2 Chapter 3 test review answers: Pg. 1Pg. 2Pg. 3
Ch 3 Assignment List: Ch. 3 Chapter 4 quiz answers: Pg. 1
Ch 4 Assignment List: Ch. 4 Test review answers: Pg. 1Pg. 2Pg. 3
Ch 5 Assignment List: Ch. 5 Chapter 5 quiz review answers: Pg. 1Pg. 2
Ch 6 Assignment List: Ch. 6 Chapter 6 test review answers: See back of book
Ch 7
Ch 8 Assignment List: Ch. 8 Chapter 8 Quiz Review
Ch 9
Ch 10


Just in case you have forgotten your Fluency, they can be downloaded and printed here.
(Even though we won’t be completing fluencies in Room 17, I am leaving this here for other classes to access)