This year there will be three separate spelling groups. Each group will begin at the beginning of their program: Spelling Mastery C, D, or E. Students are expected to complete 1 lesson/day. Tests are given every 5 lessons and should be studied for by completing a 2-minute timed fluency of you word lists. The word list you are on directly corresponds with the lesson you completed in class that day. For example if you complete lesson 32 you would complete your nightly fluencies with the words from list 31-35.

This year students will learn/master the following spelling rules:

  • All words are made of morphographs
  • All morphographs have meaning
  • The rule for dropping the final-e
  • Doubling rule
  • The rule for changing y to i
  • W as a vowel letter
  • Y as a vowel letter
  • adding -es to words ending with s, z, ch, sh
  • adding -es to words ending with x
  • adding -es to words ending with a consonant-and-y
  • Contractions

Below are the links to the word lists:

Spelling Mastery C
Spelling Mastery D
Spelling Mastery E

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